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Magically Legendary Covers Vol 1
Magically Legendary Covers Vol 1 Disc 1
Magically Legendary Covers Vol 1 Disc 2
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Magically Legendary Covers Vol. I

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Explore the magical world of Disney with this 2 disc cover album featuring classics and modern favorites. 

Digital Download with Bonus Tracks Here!! 

Disc 1 Classics

  1. Circle Of Life (from The Lion King) feat. Tony Glausi
  2. I’ll Make A Man Out Of You (from Mulan)
  3. Go The Distance (from Hercules)
  4. Kiss The Girl (from The Little Mermaid)
  5. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (from The Lion King)
  6. Part Of Your World (from The Little Mermaid)
  7. When She Loved Me (from Toy Story 2)
  8. Hellfire (from Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  9. Be Prepared (from The Lion King)
  10. A Whole New World (instrumental) [from Aladdin] feat. Evynne Hollens
  11. Beauty And The Beast (instrumental) [from Beauty and the Beast) feat. Evynne Hollens
  12. Newsies Medley (Digital Only)
  13. Lion King vs. Aladdin feat. Evynne Hollens (Digital Only)
  14. Disney Villains Medley feat. Whitney Avalon (Digital Only)

Disc 2 Modern 

  1. He Lives In You (from The Lion King)
  2. Strangers Like Me (from Tarzan)
  3. You’re Welcome (from Moana) feat. Andrew Huang
  4. Lava (from Lava) feat. Evynne Hollens
  5. I See The Light (from Tangled) feat Evynne Hollens
  6. I’m Still Here (Jim's Theme) [from Treasure Planet]
  7. You’ll Be In My Heart (from Tarzan)
  8. Speechless (from Aladdin)
  9. Shiny (from Moana)
  10. We Know The Way (from Moana)
  11. Goofy Movie Medley (Digital Only)
  12. Frozen Medley feat. Colleen Ballinger (Digital Only)
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean Medley feat. The Gardiner Sisters (Digital Only)
  14. Disney Sidekicks Medley feat. Brian Hull (Digital Only)

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