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by Legendary Vocals June 29, 2021 2 min read

We hope you enjoy this roundup of fan favorite music for all of your summer activities! Check out these videos below 👇 If you enjoy any of these songs, you can check them out at the online store - just click here!

1. God Help the Outcasts 


    This angelic arrangement of a Disney classic, “God Help the Outcasts” is a powerful hymn with a compassionate meaning. As heavenly light pours from the stained glass windows, Peter belts effortlessly, bringing home the idea of showing empathy to all. Intimate and simple, this music video is a beautiful take on the famous Disney song.


    2. Poor Wayfaring Stranger


      Evynne never fails to deliver powerful emotions in every performance she gives. Her performance provides a haunting but strong interpretation of “Poor Wayfaring Stranger,” as she walks slowly in the field, with unsaturated colors. Listen to her croon as a bluesy harmonica ties the whole performance together.


      3. Amazing Grace 


          Simple, stunning, and serene are the first three words that come to mind when watching this video. Filmed in rural Oregon, in an empty church, The Hound + The Fox capture the feeling of peace as they sing softly over gentle guitar. Sticking to the original hymn instead of the more recognizable adapted version you hear today, their creative decision leaves you with a feeling of peace as you watch this video! 


          4. You Raise Me Up


            With beautiful landscapes behind them, the O’Neill sisters harmonize effortlessly on this famous Josh Groban original. The three sisters have been singing together for fifteen years; a feat easily distinguished by their talent and how well they sing together. As they sing about being raised up to stand on mountains, they’re literally standing on a gorgeous mountain with the world behind them; enjoy this angelic trio!


              5. Danny Boy


                Recognizable within seconds, GENTRI actually filmed this classic Irish folk song in Ireland! With rolling hills and gorgeous mountains behind them, the trio captures the essence of “Danny Boy.” GENTRI's cover provides an emotional tribute to the beautiful land and the significance of keeping great folk tunes like these alive, while recognizing the important sacrifice that Irish men made to protect their country. 


                6. Go Rest High On That Mountain


                  An incredibly powerful and poignant song, “Go Rest High On That Mountain,” portrays the story of fallen soldiers and the sacrifice they’ve made. As the music video provides a visual telling of a soldier losing his brother to WWII, Home Free brings forth bittersweet depth with their tight harmonies and sentimental melodies. With Independence Day nearing, this video serves as a strong reminder of the men and women who have laid down their lives for our country. 


                  7. What A Beautiful Name 


                    Vocal Point and David Archuleta deliver an uplifting rendition of “What a Beautiful Name.” David’s gorgeous tenor and Yaphet Busto’s stunning solo drive home the feeling of praise as the rest of the Vocal Point boys harmonize effortlessly. As stars and clouds fill the skies, the video showcases just how talented these boys really are, and I hope you feel transported to a heavenly state of mind. 


                    Legendary Vocals
                    Legendary Vocals

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