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February is one of my favorite months! The celebration of love is in the air and what better way to celebrate than with the power of music? Each song for my carefully curated playlist is one that is all about the excitement, fun, and tenderness of love. All of my featured artists did an amazing job capturing the joy of love in their performances; from Disney classics to original songs, I can’t wait for you to listen to each of them!! 


All I’ve Ever Known

This amazing love song from the Tony winning musical,Hadestown, is the sweetest testament to how love can transform one’s life. Peter Hollens joins Evynne Hollens in her gorgeous rendition ofAll I’ve Ever Known! Evynne’s sentimental vocals paired with Peter’s, and the illustrative lyrics make this song really come to life. Their combined harmonies make this cover one to slow dance to with your sweetheart. 

I Love You

The Hound + The Fox deliver a stunning original song for Valentine’s Day,I Love You!  McKenzie’s ethereal voice soars as Reilly’s gentle guitar and atmospheric harmonies play in the background. One of the most creative parts is their incorporation of dynamics within the song; as McKenzie sings “I love you high and I love you low,” her incredible range jumps from an angelic high note to a rich low note in seconds. McKenzie’s poignant tone and emblematic lyrics make this song one to show everyone who is special to you! 

When A Man Loves A Woman

Home Free knocks it out of the park with their breathtaking version of Percy Sledge’sWhen A Man Loves A Woman. Austin Brown’s impeccable tenor solo nails every impossible high note, and his dynamics are rich with emotion and passion. The other four Home Free men shine with their seamless blend of harmonies and strong beatboxing. You’ve never heardWhen A Man Loves A Woman like this before!


Just The Way You Are

Crystal clean balance between the three GENTRI men’s voices lets the true sentiment behindJust The Way You Are shine. Set in a bare warehouse setting, allowing their strong and exhilarating voices to ring, this heartfelt ballad about being beautiful as you are is only exemplified by the men’s passionate dynamics and simple piano accompaniment. This makes for the perfect song to listen to as this Valentine’s Day approaches! 


A Thousand Years

The precision at which Brooklyn Duo can play feels incomprehensible. The two can play so accurately, with so much emotion, and in perfect unison that watching them makes everything else in the world just melt away. OnA Thousand Years, the couple is joined by the Dover Quartet, frequent collaborators of theirs, to perform a moving wedding version of Christina Perri’s most romantic song! The tender bond shared between Marnie and Patrick Laird as they play so well together is encapsulated perfectly in this lush and exhilarating performance. 


Beauty and the Beast A Cappella Medley

The BYU Vocal Point boys go above and beyond with collaborator Lexi Walker in theirBeauty and the Beast Medley! With choreographed dancers, stunning locations, pure harmonies, and talented soloists, you’ll want to keep this medley on repeat! The video is such a delight to watch, as they have seamless transitions between songs and with Lexi’s beautiful voice acting as Belle, the boys do a phenomenal job of supporting her and putting all the fun intoBe Our Guest. This beloved Disney soundtrack is given a charming, modern reimagining in this lovely medley!


More of these heartfelt music found in this new album:


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