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For my playlist this month, I thought about how nice it would be to have a mix of different classic and timeless songs throughout the years. Despite some of these being from very different genres, these are all performances from groups who put so much passion and light into every song they do! Ranging from folk songs to opera, all of these are ones I hope you enjoy and turn on to warm your heart on a brisk, autumn evening. 

Stand By Me/My Girl

Mat and Savanna Shaw’s creativity shines through on this adorable mashup ofStand By Me andMy Girl! Both famous hits from the 1960’s, Mat and Savanna’s arrangement of the two is a darling testament of their sweet bond and just how talented the two are at harmonizing together! The two make singing completely different songs at the same time look easy. Both these songs are also the perfect fit for their voices; the two songs have those messages of love and companionship, and Mat and Savanna express all that in their voices. 

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The Hound + The Fox give such a sentimental and intimate performance ifSomewhere Over the Rainbow in this gorgeous video. The Hound + The Fox have stated that they intended to make this piece a lullaby and instead felt it more appropriate to serve as a comfort for those in trying times, and for those who need that “rainbow” in their lives. The rendition is more hauntingly beautiful than other notable performances, but it makes this cover all the more memorable. McKenzie’s voice is angelic, acting as the main melody, as Reilly’s soft harmonies round out the rest of the sound. With ethereal background music in the back, you’ll feel yourself wishing you were in the land of Oz with this video.  

Nessun Dorma

Breathtaking, magnificent, and captivating all fail to even come close to describing the beauty that is Brooklyn Duo’sNessun Dorma! When you watch this video, you can so clearly see the passion in their performance, how dedicated and expressive of musicians they are. Even though Puccini’s famed operatic voice isn’t on the track, Patrick Laird’s cello side by side with Marnie’s grand piano make for such an riveting performance, you’ll forget that there aren’t any vocals! Let yourself fall in love with this incredible duo and their talent! 

You Raise Me Up

This incredibly inspirational and impactful song has been covered countless times, but to have over 200 kids and Peter Hollens sing it feels like a breath of fresh air. His rich but gentle tenor voice singing the melody is always so touching to hear, but once the kids all start singing the chorus with him, you can’t help but feel that sense of pride this song always invokes. Their tender harmonies at the beginning can’t prepare you for the power behind all of their voices when they sing on the chorus, and Peter himself looks so proud and grateful to be singing alongside such talented kids. 


This emotional and tender performance ofBlackbirdfrom the men of GENTRI would make the Beatles proud. Their music video is solely in black and white, giving the whole rendition that timeless feel. Their harmonies are intricate but don’t appear that way, instead the whole rendition feels stripped down with just the piano accompaniment, but the men of GENTRI put their whole heart into this cover. The emotional depth of their voices with the tight harmonies allows for the song’s sweet message to shine through. 

Feeling Good

BYU Noteworthy are stars in this vibrantFeeling Good cover! While the song was originally written and performed by Nina Simone, the girls went more modern with their cover being inspired by the Michael Bublé version instead! The jazzy soloist’s voice paired with the girls’ tight harmonies gives the song a fresh new sound. Their music video is fun to watch as well, as the silhouettes and their black leather jackets almost give the video a classic James Bond feel!!

She Moved Through the Fair

Peter Hollens gives an emotional and stirring performance of this famous folk song, She Moved Through the Fair! It’s actually one of Evynne Hollens’ favorite videos he’s ever done! A bittersweet love song that implies the loss of the singer’s fiancé, Peter does an amazing job of capturing all the melancholy but tender feelings of how that would feel. His expressive vocals with the gentle dynamics make this cover feel soothing and warm. The video itself is beautiful to watch, with the juxtaposition of the dark room as the singer ponders the loss of his love, and bright warm shots as he reminisces of how much he will always love her.


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Legendary Vocals
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