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It’s always a challenge to pick my monthly playlists, mainly because I have so many fantastic and talented artists to choose from! This month, I wanted to focus on artists that have been putting out covers that feel as if they’ve poured their soul into their performance. Each song portrays a story, whether it’s magical or an inner struggle, and I wanted to share this playlist with you that I feel captures the inner emotions people go through every day. I hope you enjoy all of these songs as much as I do 🙂

        1. The Parting Glass

        Peter Hollens’ layered vocals add to the serenity of this video. As the voices stack one by one, the sound of peace fills your ears. “Fill to me the parting glass/And drink a health whate'er befalls,” is one of the main lines that’s repeated a few times in the song, and the second to last time Peter sings it, he belts with almost a sense of pride and joy. The last time he sings it, with the hushed harmonies and delicate dynamics, it feels as if a tender goodbye is being said. 

                2. God Only Knows

                The Beach Boys’ classic hit is reimagined in this gorgeous cover by Peter Hollens, Evynne Hollens, Tim Foust, and Jenika Marion. The two married couples, Peter and Evynne, and Tim and Jenika, share the sentiment of feeling lost without their other half. The gorgeous and intricate chords give the song such a heavenly sound. One of the coolest parts of this arrangement is getting to hear Tim sing in a higher register! Usually known for his deep bass voice, it’s a treat to hear him harmonize so sweetly with the other three with his beautiful range. 

                        3. Touch the Sky

                        From the hit Disney movie,Brave, Evynne Hollens belts her heart out in her rendition ofTouch the Sky. With authentic Scottish instrumentation paired with Evynne’s warm voice, the song feels inspiring and uplifting. With lyrics that paint a vivid picture of Scotland, and a melody that feels as if adventure is calling you, Evynne captures that wind-in-your-hair feeling with every note. Her music video is free-spirited and colorful, as she roams the “Scottish” mountainside in her Merida costume.

                                4. Your Song

                                Who doesn’t love a good Elton John song? The Hound + The Fox reimagine Elton’s classic love ballad into a stunning duet. The two sing the verses separately as they croon gently on the chorus together. With a steady beat and a gentle guitar plucking out the chorus, this song feels like the perfect throwback song to listen to as you relax. The music video is filled with adoring glances, and this sweet love song is made even sweeter with McKenzie and Reilly’s blend of voices. 

                                        5. True Colors

                                        A soft cello accompanied by a quiet guitar plucking the melody starts, and Mat Shaw’s voice comes in, rich with feeling.True Colorsis a beautiful song that explores the idea of someone close to you seeing your “true colors,” and that everything will be okay. Mat and Savanna do an amazing job capturing all the emotions that go into a song like this. The bond they share is so clear in every music video they’ve ever done, and this performance is no exception; with their tight harmonies and passionate voices, these two give an effortless performance with a heartwarming message. 

                                                6. Close to You

                                                Jamie Drake’s ethereal voice is so magical and unique. Covering the Carpenters’ big hit,Close to You, alongside the Stories musicians, her cover is dreamy and has the ability to transport you to another time. Jamie sings the song with ease and emotion, and her soft vibrato present in every note gives the song a modern twist. At the bridge, her light whistling alongside the mandolin feels otherworldly. The music video may be simple and straightforward, but her voice and this cover are far from otherwise!  

                                                        7. Be Thou My Vision

                                                        BYU Vocal Point never fails to pull at your heartstrings, especially with this angelicBe Thou My Vision, a classic hymn that they sing with ease. The boys' combined harmonies give the song almost a bell-like quality; each of their respective “dos” they hit sound like little bells ringing in the air. The two soloists are amazing with their high tenor voices melting together to ring harmoniously above the rest. 

                                                                8. Landslide

                                                                BYU Noteworthy delivers one of the most beautiful covers ofLandslide in this lovely  performance from these talented ladies. Their buttery vocals allow the message of the song to really take shape; the ladies of BYU Noteworthy put so much emotion into every note, and their performance truly tells a story. The lead soloist is supported with the breathy background harmonies that elevates the piece to new heights, and this magical piece is not one you want to miss. 


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