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As the holiday season approaches, I wanted to put together a collection of songs that really encapsulate the cheer, love, and joy that comes with spending the holidays with loved ones. Each song ranges from silly to inspiring, but all place importance on spending time with the ones you love and what the true meaning of Christmas is really about. I hope you love all of these songs from all of these incredibly talented artists just as much as I do! Almost all of these songs will be on all the exciting holiday albums Legendary Vocals is releasing this year, and I think that the gift of music can bring us all together, and these songs truly highlight the message of family, friends, and love in all of their glory. 

Angels We Have Heard (Glory Be)

    Mat and Savanna Shaw go all out in this epic performance ofAngels We Have Heard (Glory Be)! With incredible orchestration, a lively choir, and stunning harmonies from Mat and Savanna, this video is not one you want to miss. The grand celebration that this video shows really captures all the excitement and fun that Christmas and winter can be about. One of the cutest parts of the video is the fact that Mat’s wife (and Savanna’s mom) is actually in the choir herself, making this a fun family video for everyone!

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

      Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is one of the most famous Christmas songs since Judy Garland first sang it decades ago, yet the minute Brooklyn Duo’s low and rich cello comes in, it feels as if you’re listening to this song for the first time. Marnie and Patrick Laird do an excellent job staying true to the simplicity of the arrangement while letting the emotions and passion of their performance shine. Despite the song being known for being a little melancholy, Brooklyn Duo pours their heart into the performance, highlighting that the true meaning of Christmas is all about the ones you spend it with. 

      Cold Hard Cash

        Home Free always looks like they’re having the best time together in all of their music videos, andCold Hard Cash is no exception! This original from Home Free is fun, goofy, and meant a lot to them to film; this was their first music video all together since the pandemic had started, and they each expressed how exciting and happy they were to all be together again. Austin Brown, the soloist and co-writer of the song, joked that the song came to him since he had been given too many socks one Christmas! Despite the song being about wanting “cold hard cash” for Christmas, the video itself is sure to make you smile as you watch the men of Home Free have a blast being all together. 

        Silent Night

          This gentle and touching Christmas song is done masterfully by BYU Vocal Point, in their touching rendition ofSilent Night. Intricate harmonies, layered vocals, and lush dynamics all create a version ofSilent Night you’ll want to keep on repeat. All of the men sound like a choir of angels as they sing expertly and full of emotion. Their devotion to their faith is inspiring, as you can tell how important and impactful this song is to them. BYU Vocal Point always delivers wonderful arrangements that focus on how talented all the boys are, as well as having unique chord progressions that make their version ofSilent Night unforgettable. 

          We Three Kings

            The Hound + The Fox team up with Home Free’s talented Tim Foust in this vibrant and gorgeous take onWe Three Kings. All three of them take on different harmonies, low, middle, and high, giving the song a full and rich sound. Tim’s notable bass makes an appearance in the video, as he hits unbelievable sub-harmonics a minute and a half in. Paired with McKenzie’s angelic and ethereal voice, the song is haunting but beautiful to listen to, especially when you watch the video, as they trek across large sand dunes, mimicking the three wise men. 

            Santa Claus is Coming to Town

              Evynne Hollens and Nathan Alef never disappoint as the two are fantastic in this animated and jolly cover ofSanta Claus is Coming to Town! Evynne’s voice is timeless, making the song her own, as she sings with joy and a twinkle of mischief in her eye, crooning about Santa coming to town. Nathan’s fingers seem like they glide over the piano, as he effortlessly plays the upbeat song with cheer in every note. The video is warm and inviting, as both Nathan and Evynne look like they’re having a ton of fun under bright and colorful Christmas lights.

              More than Hands Can Hold

                Peter Hollens is back with his newest Christmas original,More Than Hands Can Hold! The lyrics are touching and inspiring, as the entire song’s message is all about spending Christmas with the ones you cherish and that the holidays are meant for giving. Peter’s vocals feel caring and sweet as he sings about the importance of the gifts of giving, love, and family. The gentle piano in the background makes this the perfect song to listen to with your family as you celebrate the holidays together. 

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