by Legendary Vocals October 13, 2021 2 min read

Earlier in the year, I focused on why my team and I choose to do covers of songs, and this time around, I want to highlight why we do covers and make them a cappella.

I love a cappella, it’s always been such a big part of my life. I co-founded the group On the Rocks at the University of Oregon, I met my wife through a cappella, and what really put me on the map as a creator was my arrangements and transforming popular songs into a cappella renditions! I wanted to explain kind of why we focus so much on a cappella here at Legendary Vocals and why it’s so important to me and how amazing a cappella truly is.

First and foremost, a TON of work goes into taking a song and transforming every aspect about it into a cappella. Every drum, piano, electronic synth, or any instrument and sound you’d hear in a normal song needs to be recreated somehow when arranging, and that can get pretty complicated! Replicating the sounds you’d find in one song can be a challenge sometimes, since we’re only using our vocal chords and mouths to mimic the sound as closely as we can. That challenge is just part of the reason why I love a cappella so much, it feels so exciting and fresh to have the opportunity to be challenged every time we want to record something new. 

One of the more intimate reasons why a cappella is so important to me and thousands of other people, is the emotional aspect of it all. As my audio engineer put it so eloquently, “there’s a reason angels have always been represented by the sound of a heavenly choir, because there’s just something so intimate and sentimental about the human voice that can’t be replicated with any other instrument.” And it’s true; I love the emotional depth that goes into hearing a song that someone’s arranged and they’re only using their voice to play every part and every instrument. The complexity of that arrangement, the hard work and the soul that people express in a cappella is why it’s become so popular in the last twenty years, and it’s because of that connection people feel with the human voice. 



I hope when you hear my arrangements, or our other Legendary Vocals artists, you hear all the passion and creativity we pour into each piece. When we arrange a song just for you, we really are pouring our heart and soul into every note and “dum.” We love sharing this world with you and we hope you love it as much as we do. 


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