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LOVE that summer is around the corner, and I’m really excited to share my summer playlist with you all! Here’s a collection of songs from all of our featured artists, and all of them capture those fun, mellow vibes of the beginning of summer; as the weather gets warmer, school starts to end, and that feeling of peace and relaxation settles over you, I hope you add all these to your summer playlists! Also, almost all of these songs are on some of our favorite CDs, so if you like one of these, I’m sure you’ll love the rest of the album!


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Stay

Tim Foust is incredible on this gorgeous mashup of two classic doo-wop songs!!Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow paired withStay memorializes those feelings of love and longing, and Tim pulls it off effortlessly. He gets to show off a lot of his upper range as well, something that is quite impressive coming from such a well-known bass! Tim’s newest album,Pieces of Me, isn’t one you’ll want to miss out on, especially if you love that classic doo-wop sound.

Sweet Afton

McKenzie and Reilly’s voices float like wisps in the summer air on this ethereal cover ofSweet Afton! Originally a poem by Robert Burns, this tender lullaby-like song captures that feeling of a gentle breeze on your skin on a hot day. The two have the cleanest harmonies you’ll ever hear, as they blend with ease, and their voices are soft but resonant in a way that’ll touch your soul. The original poem is all about the passage of time, a theme fitting for the seasons changing.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

While this song’s lyrics emphasize the importance of being there for someone who is going through a difficult time in their life, and crossing that “bridge,” the removal of lyrics doesn’t lessen the importance and impact of the song, as Brooklyn Duo reveals. Their dynamic playing feels as a tribute to the song; their ability to play so well with one another, and bring out each other’s strengths, feels as if the message ofBridge Over Troubled Waterruns through them and into their piano and cello. Their performance is emotional and moving, and you won’t want to miss it!

You Will Be Found

Dear Evan Hansen was a riveting Broadway musical that captured the hearts of thousands when it first came out, as it highlighted the turbulent emotions that come with feeling like an outcast, lost in life, and trying to find that sense of community. Mat and Savanna’s rich harmonies and tender voices come together like a warm hug. Them singing together not just musical partners, but also as father and daughter ties the whole story of finding support within the ones you love, and discovering that sense of self in your community and music.You Will Be Found is one of those songs that you’ll walk away feeling full of love and inspiration.

Gone, Gone, Gone

Another Mat and Savanna fan favorite,Gone, Gone, Gone! They’ve talked about how much they love the high energy this song brings when they perform, and it’s easy to see why! When watching the music video, you can see how much fun the two have together when they sing and perform together, and the song encapsulates their relationship perfectly. The song speaks about the commitment to those you love and how you’d do anything for them, making this the perfect song to sing for this father-daughter duo. This bubbly and exciting performance is one you’ll have on repeat all summer!

The Driver

For all those folks who have to work throughout the summer, this song is for you!! Home Free’s illustrative and captivating video on a truck driver, a construction worker, and an artist brings light to all the people who may love summer but still work every day, and provide for the ones they care about. It’s dedicated to all the unseen heroes, workers, and people who do things that aren’t always recognized and it’s a very sweet and affectionate song for all the ones who might not always get praised, but deserve it. The men’s voices are on a whole other level on this song, as three of them split the lead accompanied by beatboxing that sounds exactly like real drums, tying the whole song together expertly.




    Legendary Vocals
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