by Legendary Vocals May 06, 2021 3 min read

You all know that we at Legendary Vocals love to share music with you! In addition to the incredible albums in our store, every now and then we have fun putting together a must-see music video list so you can get to know our artists better! This month, we’ve gathered seven incredible videos from our Legendary Vocals community of artists for your enjoyment. Check them out below and then explore more music from them at

How Great Thou Art - Home Free

      Many of you have probably heard of Home Free before, but this video is one of their very best works of art. The natural beauty of where they filmed this perfectly compliments their stunning voices and the wonderful lyrics of this timeless hymn. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

      Sound of Silence - Peter Hollens ft. Tim Foust 

          Any time Peter and Tim team up for a recording, you’re in for a treat. Dark background and floating heads compliments the brooding tone of their voices in this haunting arrangement. With over 6 million views on Youtube, it’s undeniable that this video is a classic – just like the song it features! 

          Amazing Grace / My Chains are Gone - BYU Noteworthy


              The women of BYU Noteworthy shine in this spiritual and uplifting interweaving of two beautiful songs. Feel the calm of nature wash over you as they wander through the woods and let their voices fill your soul with peace. Their voices are angelic, and this video matches that perfectly! 

              Homeward Bound - BYU Vocal Point ft. All American Boys Chorus

                  When your soul yearns for the comfort of home and loved ones let the joy of this song give you comfort. The visuals of BYU Vocal Point and the All-American Boys Chorus singing together in a gorgeous natural setting perfectly showcases the power of music to unite across generations. The combination of these collegiate male voices with the boy’s chorus will set your soul toward home and bring a smile to your face. 

                  Hurt - The Hound + The Fox ft. Adam Chance

                      From the first shot, this video will take your breath away. It tells a whole story in an instant, and one which compliments the song and lyrics perfectly. Haunting and beautiful, this song features some of our absolute favorite artists and adds an eerie, but lovely, note to this roundup. 

                      Hallelujah - One Voice Children’s Choir


                          It’s hard to resist the sweet charm of these talented kids singing together. You can feel the sense of community they share in this intimate and simple video, which beautifully showcases their angelic voices. Look no further to see the power of music in young lives! It’s one of the greatest gifts we can give. 

                          Be Thou My Vision - Nathan Pacheco

                              This beautiful song filmed in a stunning church setting is the perfect way to end our list. It’s breathtaking and soul-lifting, thanks in large part to Nathan Pacheco’s pitch-perfect vocals. Though it’s only him and his incredible musicians in the video, you can practically feel the warmth of the congregation there with him as he sings this lovely Irish hymn.


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