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For the month of October, I wanted to put together a list of music videos that are hauntingly beautiful to celebrate the fun festivities of Halloween! Each song has that quality about it that feels magical, evocative, and just a little bit spooky all at once. All the videos from all these talented artists further cement the idea of being transported into an otherworldly, atmospheric land, so sit back and allow yourself to be whisked away to another realm!


    The Forgotten Hobbit Song

       Peter Hollens and Eurielle capture the spirit of a mighty journey, that's filled with adventure and obstacles in this emotional take on Lament For Thorin, a song made famous in The Hobbit movies! Peter's rich and powerful voice fills your ears, and once Eurielle blends her gorgeous soprano with Peter's lower register, you can't help but imagine finding yourself in the Hobbit movies as you listen. 

        Come Little Children & The Hanging Tree

          Peter Hollens and Bailey Pelkman deliver a haunting and bewitching performance of this creative mashup! Featuring Come Little Children from everyone's favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, and The Hanging Tree from The Hunger Games, Peter and Bailey's vocals add a melodic eeriness to the two songs. One might not think to put the two songs together, but both of them in their minor keys paired with their dark lyrics makes for the perfect spooky Halloween mashup! 

            My Mother Told Me ("Vikings" Sea Shanty)

              The Hound + The Fox team up with Home Free's Adam Chance to perform a enchanting sea shanty, titled My Mother Told Me. Both McKenzie and Reilly's softer vocals paired with Adam's deep voice creates a vivid story you can easily imagine. Their voices are reminiscent of waves crashing; Mckenzie's lulling voice creates such a gentle atmosphere as the men's voices feel like the tide pushing and pulling. Close your eyes and imagine yourself as the captain of your own ship with this trancelike cover. 

                 My Jolly Sailor Bold

                  The Hound and The Fox shine in another gorgeous pirate-themed video with My Jolly Sailor Bold. McKenzie's siren-like voice acts as the melody as she sings a melancholy love song of a mermaid falling in love with a sailor. The music video is the perfect visual accompaniment; McKenzie's the perfect "mermaid," as grey skies and an ocean fill the landscape behind her. Paired with Reilly's harmonic guitar and hushed voice, you won't be able to turn this haunting video off!

                    Good Riddance

                    A pensive but incredibly beautiful song that highlights the emotional impact of life and death, Peter Hollens and Malukah both give poignant performances that truly feature how talented they both are. The song hails from a video game titled Hades, and both the song and video showcase the love story of Orpheus and Eurydice, a tragic Greek mythological couple. Peter and Malukah capture that feeling of lost love in every note they sing, and depict the fateful love story with just their voices. 

                      Lullaby of Woe

                      This spooky but expressive lullaby from The Witcher is masterfully done by Peter Hollens and Malukah! The descriptive lyrics tell a captivating story, and Malukah's whispery voice only heightens the haunting quality of the video. Peter harmonizes on both a lower and higher register, giving the overall song a full and vibrant sound. Their video is full of softer moments but build to a creepy and big finale as the two belt the final few lines of the song. 

                        The Red Wedding Song

                          In all of Peter Hollens' videos, every song and lyric he performs feel as if he's singing them personally to you. His passionate voice and magical videos easily transport you to a whole new world. In this one, he performs a song from Game of Thrones where the lyrics paint a picture of a tragic storyline from the show. Peter's choice to do the song a cappella pays off; with just his voice playing the role of every instrument, the cover feels more like a story being told, filled with the adventure, emotions, and tragedy. Peter filmed this in Portugal of all places, and with the incredible backdrops and colorful sunsets, this music video is sure to leave you breathless. 



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