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Announcing The Stay At Home Chef x Legendary Vocals!

by Legendary Vocals March 10, 2021 2 min read


Here at Legendary Vocals, we believe that food – just like music – is art. Seriously, is there anything better than listening to good music while enjoying a good meal? Our team may not be chefs, but we believe that you should have delicious food to fuel your body in the same way that the beautiful music our artists create fuels your soul. And just like we want to make getting that music in your ears as easy as possible, we want to help take some of the stress out of cooking. That’s why we are excited to announce a thrilling new partnership: The Stay At Home Chef x Legendary Vocals!

Image of Rachel Farnsworth in a turquoise blouse, smiling and standing in a bright kitchen.

Rachel Farnsworth founded The Stay At Home Chef to help empower you and your family to make restaurant-quality meals right in your own kitchen. She is passionate about making good cooking accessible to everyone and building a supportive community of food lovers online. 

Sound familiar? We can’t think of a better partner to join our Legendary Vocals family! Her recipes cover a range of cuisines and cooking times, so that you can always find something that tastes good and fits in your schedule. Her website is full of awesome recipes to explore, but to make things even easier we will send you a recipe hand-selected by the Legendary Vocals team every month when you sign up for the Legendary CD Club!

Recipe for homemade salted caramels from The Stay at Home Chef. Available here:

We take pride in introducing you to artists that we’re passionate about and whose music inspires us. We’re so happy to have found in Rachel a collaborator who shares that passion for brightening the lives of others! We hope that our Stay At Home Chef x Legendary Vocals initiative will lead to many evenings listening to the breathtaking songs of our favorite artists while eating a delectable meal curated by Rachel and our LV team just for you. The first box is going out soon, so make sure you sign up now! There’s a whole wonderful world of music and meals waiting for you.

Want to know more about Rachel? Check out her site at


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Legendary Vocals

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