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It’s no secret that Legendary Vocals by Peter Hollens showcases the absolute best, chart-topping vocals from around the internet. Legendary Vocals was built to get music into the hands and hearts of everyone. We’re committed to that and we always will be!

We support artists! For them, it’s a community where we help set them up to become successful musicians/singers without a big record label! Peter started Legendary Vocals after being on a record label.“I was once under contract with Sony Music and I thought I’d made it. Years later and out of that deal, I’m a more successful artist than I ever was on a label.” Our mission is to help artists succeed while they maintain 100% ownership of their music.

For you, our awesome supporter, you'll get introduced to new music that’s soulful, inspirational and heartfelt. We want to keep offering you the kind of songs that motivate you throughout your day and hopefully give you the comfort you need for whatever life throws at you. Our music is always uplifting and our artists are wholesome and family oriented. We know you enjoy the music from Legendary Vocals but have you shared it with your family and friends yet? We know everyone will find music that soothes their soul at Legendary Vocals. 

Our Online Store...

The Legendary Vocals store is an online marketplace for both music lovers and artists. And as in any marketplace, we’re adding new talent every month! We make sure to offer only the greatest music for you. We spend time with each artist and listen to all their music to make sure we only introduce you to the best new talent and the best songs. We want the music you hear to be classics that you love and introduce you to new songs that are sure to bring you joy!


The artists you can find in Legendary Vocals

Aside from your all time favorite artists, and our founder Peter Hollens and his wife Evynne Hollens, we will showcase new artists every month. That’s 12 new artists to love throughout the year! We’ll be launching choirs, groups, individual artists, duos, siblings, family members, husband and wife duos and more. Can you tell how excited we are!!?!!

The harmonies and melodies we’re going to hear this year will blow you away! And the best part is that you’ll hear songs you love, songs you forgot about, songs that have special meaning to you and your family, and new, original songs. Legendary Vocals doesn’t just mean legendary artists or legendary songs. It also means legendary experiences. Music is at the heart of our lives, our memories and our spirits. It can bring us together and give us hope. We’re excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to new talent all the time!

In November of 2020, we introduced The Hound + The Fox as our first featured artist. They are a married couple who harmonize beautifully together. Here’s a message from them:

We are a husband-wife duo from Oregon doing what we love most, making music! We love to create our own versions of songs that inspire us, and we LOVE to write and share our own originals as well. We are passionate about the visuals and the stories that accompany our music and we hope that you can see that in our videos. We  appreciate your comments, shares, and support more than you know!



The community loved them so much we helped them land on the billboard charts in December, two years after they first released their CD Winter Songs!

Charting on the Billboard charts for an independent artist is a HUGE deal. For so many years the music industry has kept independent artists out of the spotlight, but those days are ending! We are helping so many artists live their dreams and be successful musicians with no other day jobs. And we’re the lucky ones, we all get to enjoy their music! They give us so much with their music, it’s astounding. We’re so thankful for their amazing talent and can not wait for all the new music The Hound + The Fox will release this year. 

Check out their version of You Are My Sunshine”


The song reminds the artists of their sleepless nights singing “You Are My Sunshine” to their then newborn son-changing the lyrics to make the song happier. It brings them back to the days of learning how to let go of guilt for not getting more done on the harder days.

Check out all our featured artists when you go to our Featured tab at  

2021 onwards...

New music, new artists, and new CDs! What an exciting time for independent artists. With live concerts not possible in 2020 we wanted to make sure fans were able to hear from the artists they love. As you know, the Legendary Vocals Marketplace has always featured artists that collaborate with Peter Hollens, but now we’re featuring their original work and CDs they’ve produced outside of the amazing Peter Hollens collaborations. Well 2021 is going to be a huge year for independent artists and we’re here to make it all possible for them. 

We know you love hearing amazing music and talented artists. So we are planning even more CD releases and will introduce you to more new artists each month. Our goal for 2021 is to provide you with more music than we ever have in past years. So far we’re on track with new artists arriving at the store each month.

Follow along as we share the artist journey with you. Your support of the musicians and artists on Legendary Vocals means so much to each and every family. Thank you for your support!

Legendary Vocals
Legendary Vocals

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