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First off, THANK YOU, for supporting us throughout the wild ride of 2020. As our way of showing you our appreciation, we want to give back the love YOU deserve by providing you only the absolute best, chart-topping vocals from around the world straight to your home!

We’ve been brainstorming since late last year on how we can truly share with you the greatest music from our studio to your home. This has always been a mission for us here at Legendary Vocals; to create a path to great music WITH and FOR YOU.

So this month, we’re launching something really exciting that has to do with new music that you’ll surely love. 

Good things come to those who wait

Although we don’t want to spill all the beans here, we want to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming. If you’ve been with us from day one, you’ve probably sent us your recommendations or Peter might have reached out to you one way or another to ask you about the songs you want him to cover next. 

With all of your invaluable feedback we’ve gathered over the years we definitely did a lot of sorting! From hymns, to love songs to folk songs, you can expect all of that and much more in 2021! To get a taste of what’s coming, take a look at our best sellers and featured albums available now at our online store. You can also check out our all time favorite music videos. 

"Amazing Grace" from the album LEGENDARY FOLK SONGS
      "A Thousand Years"from the album LEGENDARY COVERS VOL. 1
          "I'll Stand By You" from the album LEGENDARY COVERS VOL. 2: INSPIRE 
              "Hallelujah" from the albums LEGENDARY COVERS VOL. 2: INSPIRE and PICTURE THIS

                "Lullaby" from the albumMOON SONGS


                  "Remember This" from the album DIVE BAR SAINTS
                    Legendary Vocals
                    Legendary Vocals

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                    This beautiful doo-wop album is a collection of songs that will transport you back in time every time you play it. Let Tim’s warm vocals fill your ears and enchant your heart as you cherish each song on the album.