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Legendary Vocals Featured Fan: Janie C.!

by Legendary Vocals April 13, 2021 2 min read

Our incredible fans are such a big part of what makes Legendary Vocals a positive, uplifting place. We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support by highlighting one of our amazing superfans, Janie C.! Keep reading to learn more about Janie, why she loves Legendary Vocals, and how you can become a superfan just like her. 

Janie wears a bright teal top and stands behind a table full of Legendary Vocals albums beautifully displayed.

Janie with her awesome collection of Legendary Vocals albums! Shop them here.

In an interview with our LV team, Janie shared that she, “first heard Peter on YouTube and was so impressed with his vocal talent, musicality, the variety of songs, his facial expressions, body movement and his own enjoyment of singing to each of us.” The joy that Peter and our artists find in music is one of our favorite parts too! She even called a family member who she thought might be a fan and they ended up having a friendly competition about who owns more of our albums (she won!).

Janie stands to the right of her dining room table in a bright teal dress. Her arm is extended over the table, upon which lies a large collection of Legendary Vocals albums.

How many of these do you have in your house? Click here to complete your collection!

Fans like Janie are what makes us love what we do here at Legendary Vocals. She has dedicated her life to helping others through working in healthcare, earning a Masters degree in Ethics, and leading classes in Ethics for everyone from physicians to dentists to nurses to neighbors to church members. Janie says that, “I have learned from every group, probably more than I taught them!” Just like her students inspire her, Janie inspires us! We hope that our music inspires her, too. 

Janie stands in her teal dress next to a small plant holding a signed copy of Legendary Covers Vol II: INSPIRE.

Good thing we’ve got an album called INSPIRE just for that! Shop it here.

In her free time, Janie likes to go fly-fishing, swimming, sailing, and scuba diving! She also loves reading, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and traveling. And she even plays the piano! What can we say, our fans are as multi-talented as our artists! Of course, even though she has a wide range of interests, she made sure to say, “My most important interests are my family, my husband, our four adult children, our two grandsons and church.” 

We’re so grateful to have incredible supporters like Janie in our Legendary Vocals family! If you want to collect all of our awesome albums too, join the Legendary Vocals Club, our monthly CD subscription service! Visit to learn more. 

Thanks for being such a great friend of LV, Janie!

Check out one of Janie's favorite music video. What's your favorite Peter Hollens music video?


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      Legendary Vocals

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