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10 Songs to Comfort You This April

by Legendary Vocals April 23, 2021 3 min read

“Listening to music has a positive impact on our health, by helping us recover faster when we experience stress and through the reduction of stress hormone cortisol, to help us achieve a calm state or homeostasis.”

– Alex Doman, Entrepreneur & Music Producer

In this month's playlist, I'll share with you the top 10 songs that I listen to when I need the power of music to uplift me during tough times. Making these playlists for you brings me so much joy and I can't wait for you to listen to each song and feel the comfort it brings into your life.



    1. Shenandoah by Peter Hollens (solo version)

        Why you’ll love this: 

        This is a timeless American Folk song, which began as a Sea Shanty, if you’d believe it!


        Peter got a cold the day after this shoot because of the intense cold weather.

        Find this song in the album:  Peter Hollens (Self Titled)


        2. The Parting Glass by Peter Hollens featuring The Hound + The Fox

            Why you’ll love this: 

            The warm, soft instrumentation makes you feel like you’re floating.


            The horses galloping by near the end was entirely unplanned - and we almost didn’t get it on camera!


            3. How Deep is Your Love by Stories

                Why you’ll love this: 

                The warm, lush voice of Abby Celso is soothing and beautiful. It relaxes the soul.

                 Pre-order the album: Timeless Stories


                4. When You Believe by One Voice Children's Choir

                    Why you’ll love this: 

                    This is a gorgeous song about having faith that better things will come. The gentleness and innocence in the children’s voices will comfort you.

                    Pre-order the album: Hallelujah


                    5. What a Beautiful Name by BYU Vocal Point featuring David Archuleta

                        Why you’ll love this: 

                        The combination of these two artists could only result in something as magical as this song, which will lift you up and make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

                        Buy the album: Beautiful Blessings


                        6. Red Is The Rose by The O’Neill Sisters

                            Why you’ll love this:  

                            The O’Neill Sisters have a knack for bringing an ethereal, angelic sound to timeless melodies. This song proves no different, using simple production to create a peaceful, otherworldly atmosphere which calms the senses.


                            7. Amazing Grace / Chains are Gone by BYU Noteworthy

                                Why you’ll love this:  

                                Gorgeous song, lovely ladies, stunning voices - not to mention the beautiful location they shot their video! 


                                8. Be Thou My Vision by Nathan Pacheco

                                    Why you’ll love this:  

                                    It is an ageless song that has stood the test of time thanks to its simple and elegant beauty. Nathan’s vocals are stellar, with his years of classical training shining exquisitely.


                                    9. Ave Maria by Brooklyn Duo

                                        Why you’ll love this:  

                                        This simple, yet powerful rendition of the incredibly popular melody by Franz Schubert will undoubtedly evoke stirring memories. Set in a beautiful wedding venue, the video will leave you with feelings of love, peace, and connection.


                                        10. Let It Be by GENTRI

                                            Why you’ll love this:   

                                            The lyrics of this song promote a very special and powerful sense of inner peace and acceptance, and the beautiful voices of GENTRI add a new layer of depth and grandiosity.


                                            I hope that you love the songs as much as I do. You can buy all of the albums featuring the songs here on – we have so many wonderful things for you to explore! 

                                            - Peter

                                            Legendary Vocals
                                            Legendary Vocals

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