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Happy spring! The weather is warming up in Oregon and with Easter right around the corner, I wanted to pick some of my favorite spiritual and hymnal songs that resonate with me. Easter is the season for love, redemption, and rebirth, and each of these songs captures those intense but beautiful emotions perfectly. I love sharing my monthly playlists with you, but this one especially feels dear to my heart.


You Say

Lauren Daigle’s incredibly personal but moving song that focuses on the self-doubt and anxiety that many people face, but remembering that you are worthy, loved and enough. BYU Noteworthy performs the song with amazing depth and feeling, as their soft harmonies and powerful lead vocalist nail exactly how persevering through the doubt can feel. Filmed on a mountain, the girls’ visual metaphorical climb to accepting and loving yourself is represented through their music video! 

How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art is a beautiful and rich hymn that Peter Hollens and the All American Boys Chorus pull off effortlessly! The lush landscape of Utah serves as the perfect backdrop for all of them, as their clear and gorgeous voices sing in harmonious perfection! Peter’s deeper lead pairs nicely with the boys’ angelic tenor harmonies, as the lyrics focus on the importance of the message; the original author of the song (originally a Swedish poem!) reveled in the beauty, grace, and miracles he had witnessed that day, and was ever grateful for his life. LetHow Great Thou Art be that reminder of gratitude this Easter. 

Amazing Grace

Mat and Savanna show stopping take on this famed mashup ofAmazing Grace/My Chains are Gone, with Mark Vaki and Aitana Alapa! With a gospel choir in the background providing the powerful and emotional harmonies, this performance is sure to bring a tear to your eye. Mat and Savanna both have incredible duets with both collaborators, and all four of their voices with the choir feels as if the heavens have opened up. The music video is straightforward and simple, to highlight the absolute angelic magic that is these four talented performers. 

I Can Only Imagine

This amazing children’s choir multitude of voices, violins, and persevering feeling of hope in every note they sing makes this version ofI Can Only Imagine one you’ll want on repeat! Their music video is inspiring and uplifting, illustrating how hope can take you so far. Each soloist on the song has such a pure and clear voice, as the background harmonies paired with the talented violinists make this song the sound of heaven. 


While Leonard Cohen’s infamousHallelujah has dynamic and memorable lyrics, Brooklyn Duo’s instrumental version highlights how the word “hallelujah,” a word in the Bible that meant praise, can still be used in all aspects of life, from sorrow, love, happiness, forgiveness. The cello’s rich and deep tone acts as a warm blanket as you listen, and Marnie and Patrick’s Laird play in perfect harmony, complementing each other perfectly. It wouldn’t matter if this was their first time or 100th time playing, as the two pour their whole heart and soul into each note, making thisHallelujah one you’ll never forget. 

I Need Thee Every Hour

Peter Hollens and Nathan Pacheco singing together is such an angelic pairing, it’s a surprise they never worked together sooner. Their blend of voices unite on the chorus and soar on the verses, as this incredible version ofI Need Thee Every Hour will resonate with you. Peter actually dedicated the song to his choir teacher who had passed recently, and you can hear the love, admiration, and sorrow in his voice. The song serves as an excellent reminder of what is important in our lives and to prioritize what and who we really need every passing moment.




    Legendary Vocals
    Legendary Vocals

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