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Happy Fourth of July! And to any of our international friends, we hope you’re enjoying summer and this warm weather! We absolutely loooooove summer, mainly because we get to enjoy the sun every day as well as spend quality time with our family and friends. One of our favorite things to do every summer is have a cookout, listen to good music, and eat yummy food! We’ve compiled a very special summer playlist for everyone to blast at any of your outdoor activities, as each song reminds us of the warm weather and spending time with those we're closest with. 

Come Go With Me

Kick your summer off with this Del Vikings classic, as Tim Foust expertly navigates his first solo a cappella video,Come Go With Me is sure to get stuck in your head! Tim expertly manages to sing his incredible bass, the middle baritone parts, AND a gorgeous high tenor solo all on his own! His voice is perfect for this kind of music, as his smooth vocals give it a timeless sound, while his energy makes this version fun for the whole family! 

Soon May The Wellerman Come

With summer here, and the kids and grandkids out of school, this mystical, sea shanty is sure to get the kids in a magical, imaginative mood! The Hound + The Fox paired up with Home Free’s Adam Chance, and the three never fail to harmonize effortlessly and ensure you’ll be humming this all summer! Adam and Reilly’s dexterous guitar playing and McKenzie’s siren-like vocals give the feeling that you’re lost at sea, fighting off pirates left and right! Play this the next time you need a captivating adventure song for the kiddos! 


Need an original, country, a cappella song from a group of very talented men? Look no further than Home Free’s original songDreamer feat. Texas Hill! The men put Rob Lundquist as the very talented soloist on this gorgeous song; the upbeat tempo makes it a great summer barbecue song, but the lyrics are actually very moving and sweet as you listen. Emphasizing the importance of always being a dreamer in life, and making the best of your life while you’re here really embraces that joy and fun that reminds one of summer. Home Free is joined by Texas Hill, whose buttery harmonies just melt in your ears!

Circle of Life

GENTRI, O/B/A, Conlon Bonner, and Yahosh are all captivating in this moving rendition of theCircle of Life from Disney’sThe Lion King! Filmed in some gorgeousmen highlight their camaraderie and inner lion spirit as their warm, rich voices soar in unison. The rotating season of summer feels like the perfect time to listen to this song, as you reflect on the circle of time and how each summer brings its highs and lows (like too hot of weather sometimes!) and how much you’ll miss it once those autumn leaves start to fall!

The Greatest Show

Peter Hollens teamed up with as many people as he could to bring a show stopping performance ofThe Greatest Showman’s most memorable number,The Greatest Show! As Peter begins to sing the epic solo, the amazing number of people in the chorus alone will give you chills, but hearing them sing in harmony alongside him is just chilling. Watching the music video gives a good sense of just how many people he had join him; as he stands with the image of all of them behind him, you won’t be able to count them all! The song is perfect for the summer as it captures that exciting rush of doing things with friends and feeling like you have the whole world ahead of you. 


This Justin Bieber love song to his wife is such a fun summer pop song! The BYU Vocal Point boys did an amazing job of actually putting out their version only ONE week after Justin Bieber released the song! Their warm blend of voices makes their a cappella version a lot of fun; the song is already a tender love song Bieber wrote for his wife, and the decision to make the song only their voices gives it a much more intimate, emotional feeling, while keeping that upbeat summer sound. You’ll absolutely have this one on repeat as the BYU boys nail every cover they ever do!




    Jane Rupenta
    Jane Rupenta

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