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For my monthly playlist, I wanted to pick songs that I feel really express the feeling of autumn as it approaches. As the leaves start to fall from the trees and the vibrant colors of autumn start appearing everywhere, those nights cuddled around a fire and surrounded by family and friends made me think of each of these songs. Ranging from folksy and comforting songs to soft and impactful hymns, I feel the love and talent from all these artists and I’m so excited to share them with you! Enjoy 😊


      Down to the River to Pray

      The Hound + The Fox team up with Peter Hollens and Evynne Hollens in this incredible, emotion filled and rich cover of a timeless hymn.Down to the River to Pray is filled with whispered vocals, vibrant harmonies from all four, and a powerful choir near the end chorus. The stunning scenery only adds to the story and passion behind the song, and as the summer sun sets behind them in the final verses, the song paired with their magical connection as singers makes for a truly beautiful song. 

          You Raise Me Up

          Even though this Josh Groban song has been covered by countless artists, Nathan Pacheco has no issue takingYou Raise Me Up and making it truly his own. With swelling orchestration and passionate lead vocals, Nathan puts his whole heart into this cover. The video is filled with shots of him alongside his family, implying how his family are the ones that truly “raise him up.” Nathan’s voice is never one to miss, and his take onYou Raise Me Up is such an amazing representation of his voice and what he’s all about. 

              Amazing Grace

              Amazing Grace is a hymn that’s been performed millions of times for as long as it’s been around, yet BYU Vocal Point gives such a fresh take on the song, it feels as if it was written just for them. With their lead vocalist pulling off incredible riffs and their choir supporting them with impactful harmonies, this cover ofAmazing Grace is one you won’t forget. 



                  This short but sweet cover ofEdelweiss fromThe Sound of Music from Mat and Savanna Shaw is one of the best things you’ll hear all week! Their buttery vocals melt together as a simple guitar plucks out the melody. Whenever this father and daughter duo perform songs that have a deeper meaning about family or the importance of having that familial bond, it’s so clear to see how strong their own bond is. Their strong connection always shines through in their voices and videos. 

                      Higher Love

                      Astyn Turr’s smoky and soft voice fills your ears as she starts singing the melody ofHigher Love. This stripped down and raw cover of Steve Winwood’s biggest hit feels so powerful, even without the orchestration in the original. Her soulful vocals supported by the delicate piano & guitar feel more intimate as if she’s singing just for you. 


                          Home Free knocks it out of the park with this passionate rendition of Patsy Cline’sCrazy! Austin, the lead vocalist of this song, delivers gorgeous vocals that are in the same key as the original (which is pretty high!!). The rest of the men support him effortlessly with their jazzy and stacked harmonies that whisk you away to another time. The music video feels timeless as they sing in black and white in a ballroom filled with dancing couples!

                              House of the Rising Sun

                              Peter Hollens shows off the extent of his range with his melodious, deep vocals on this stunning cover ofHouse of the Rising Sun. Fully a cappella, Peter weaves a tale of misfortune and New Orleans as he croons effortlessly. Peter’s strong voice paired with his layered background harmonies adds a feeling of haunting loneliness as he finds his way back to New Orleans. 



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